Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bear and Deerhoof

Here's a little guy that I made a while ago from a pattern I found on knitty. I used Patons wool in color "Dark Natural Mix." This was my first attempt at anything like a stuffed animal. I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out, with the possible exception of his arms. The way that I attached them, they seem to stick out and a little up. I suppose I could always remove them and reattach, but that seems a little barbaric to rip him apart! And as he's not a gift and will just be hanging around the house, they'll probably stay as they are. But I'll know better next time, should I choose to make another such creature. Something else I didn't do was give him a face. He was certainly meant to get one in the beginning, but now the longer that he's been without one, the less it seems like he needs one. There's something very stoic about his lack of expression. With him, it's all in the body posture!

LISTENING TO: DEERHOOF - "The Runners Four." I got this from my friend Gary a while ago and have to say it's pretty great. This is one of those discs that I can put on when Mark is around and just watch his jaw drop! The thing that usually makes him do that is the singing, which in this case is due to the little-girl-like voice of the Japanese lead singer. He can't believe I listen to stuff like this, but to me, it's cute and the music is fun and quirky. Always good in my book!


Chris said...


When I was in Culinary school, we would make sculptures of duck, swans, peacocks, etc. and some people would insist on giving them clove "eyes".

My conception is that without them the viewer gives them their own "percieved" personallity.

And aside from your pic being cute.. thanks for your nice comments on my blog. The clogs are going fast once you get the hang of the way the pattern is written.

PS.. I'm linking to you.

Take care,

Chris said...


The clogs are actually knit with the sole in garter stitch then the uppers are done in stockingnet. Then a duplicate of the sole is knit again, and then sewn onto the first sole. So now you have a double layer.

They are also knit about five times the size you need... they are freakin' huge! Then you throw them into the washing machine with hot water and shrink them down to size. What you end up with is a tight wool fabric.

There is also an optional suede sole that you can buy and attatch but I don't see that that would be necessary.

Ken, by the way, my email is

Take care for now.


Roberto said...

KEN... Re: Join the Round.

Yeah... aren't those socks rockin'? Heather, my not-so-secret-sock pal made my Sockapaloooza socks from Fleece Artist - Merino

Thanks for reading... be in touch.
Peace ~ Roberto