Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Sweater Workshop

A while ago I borrowed "The Sweater Workshop" by Jacqueline Fee from the library. It's a great book, very witty and well written, that teaches you how to make seamless sweaters, in the round, from the bottom up. In order to teach you all the steps and techniques that go into creating a sweater, Ms. Fee takes you step by step through making a sweater sampler. Ruth-Anne and I both made one of the samplers on our occassional knitting nights (I'll post a picture of the finished sampler tomorrow. A funny looking thing, it is!). By successfully completing the sampler I feel like I could tackle a sweater with confidence, which for a relative novice is a pretty cool thing! So I think that the sweater I make will be made in this the round, rather than seamed. My biggest decision to make at this point is what yarn to use - color, fiber content, etc...

LISTENING TO: LETTERS TO CLEO - "Go!" It's a shame that these guys (and gal) broke up, but at least Kay Hanley's carrying on solo.


Frank said...


I just started a blog as well and got linked to yours from the "Men Who Knit" ring. And... wanted to say that the first adult sized sweater I did last year was done in the round and is seamless. It worked out great and I will probably never try one that has to be sewn together. Good luck.


Stephen said...

Hi Ken

Just picked up on your blog via Men Who Knit - inspirational.

I would recommend the "Men in Knits" book by Tara Jon Manning that you mentioned in May. I've knit a a couple of things it. There are some good stitch and overall design ideas but they're all to a basic modified drop-shoulder pattern that I'm not keen on because (on me) it's very bulky under the arms.

I'm just about to start the Cable Rib Cardigan from the book (in a fabulous wool-silk mix) but will be altering the pattern so that it's either raglan sleeved or fully-fitted. We'll find out whether or not I can do the maths correctly, I guess.

Take care