Monday, March 31, 2008

Kylie all over the place!

(the above picture, from the Homecoming tour, is not a great shot of Kylie per se...however it does show off some of her scantily clad male dancers, and was therefore chosen as a nod to Sean...if you frequent his site, Wool Gatherer, you'll get why...hehehee)

Well, this is a big week for Kylie fans as she is in the states promoting the US release of her tenth album "X". For those fellow fans out there, I've done a little research and found the following shows that she'll be appearing on.

3/31: The Today Show: This one's a little late, but Kylie was interviewed this morning by Matt Lauer. Why she didn't sing we may never know...

4/01: Kylie performs on tonight's "elimination" episode of Dancing With The Stars. I don't regularly tune in to the show, but from what I hear the musical guests get to do two songs? If that's the case I'm betting on the first US single, "All I See," and hopefully "Wow."

04/02: In what seems to be her only Late-Night appearance, Ms. Minogue will be on The Late-Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Yeah, it's on late-late, but he's funny and she's worth it!

04/03: On Thursday Kylie shows up on The Ellen Degeneres Show! Should be big fun!

If you know of any other places she'll be showing up, please leave us a note in the comments!

LISTENING TO: The B-52's - "Funplex"

In other music news, I picked up the new B-52's album, "Funplex". It's a nice return to form for the B's, and as a long-time fan, it's SOOO nice to hear Cindy back in the mix, harmonizing with Kate!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Has it been two weeks? Wow, time has certainly flown by.

So what all has been going on since then? All kinds of things...from the usual work-sleep-eat routine which takes up most of our appointments, visiting friends and relatives, projects around the house including cleaning out the basement (and it's a big basement!), making old furniture new again (more to come on that soon...) and our favorite cold weather activity, movie watching!

Though we are not TV watchers at all, it does seem like during the winter months we both really enjoy sitting down after dinner and watching a movie, either from our collection or a rental. Over the past two weeks, we've watched quite a few. Here a couple of the most recent.

I AM LEGEND: This one we saw in the movie theater when it was first released. We had both read Richard Matheson's short novel on which it was based and the book was better...surprise!...but that being said, they did a pretty decent job of making a movie that for 80% of the running time has one character and almost no dialog. We just watched it again with the "controversial" new ending which Ron liked better. I guess I just saw it as a different end to the story, not better or worse.

AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION: We were shopping at Bull Moose Music in Brunswick and came across this one. We are both big zombie fans so this was an easy choice. It was heralded as "One Of The Best Zombie Movies In Decades" across the front, had a disturbingly creepy cover and was hyped as being a truly disturbing zombie experience, so how could we lose? Well, we lost because we spent $13.00 on a dumb movie that looks like it was made by a bunch of high schoolers that we'll never watch again. Ughhh!

INTO THE WILD: This is another adaptation from book to film and another one that Ron and I both read before seeing. I actually thought they did a great job with this one, capturing the feel of the book and therefore the life of the young man on which it was based. Even the soundtrack which features Eddie Vedder on vocals was the perfect backdrop for the spirit of the movie. I'd definitely recommend this one.

We've also been watching episodes of DRAWN TOGETHER. This show is terribly wrong in so many ways and yet also incredibly smart and funny. If you're not familiar with it, it is a cartoon version of a Big Brother type show, bringing together different types of cartoon characters to live in a house and be "on camera" all the time. There is an egotistical Superman-type character called Captain Hero, a Josie and the Pussycats-type character called Foxxy Love, and a Disney-type Princess named Clara among others. The show tackles all kinds of jaw-droppingly, politically incorrect topics and frequently has us rolling with laughter. Thanks Royce for the recommendation!

And though we've been having a lot of fun with the video watching, we are both definitely ready for warmer weather so we can get out and hike, bike, go four-wheeling, etc... Here's to no more snow!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Sweater in Progress

Thought I'd share another pic of the sweater. I'm well over half way there, in fact maybe 65% or so. Having finished both front and back panels, I started the first sleeve a couple of days ago. Since Ron had to go to the dentist yesterday, I spend that time working on this...

The picture is a little dark since I needed to use artificial light to take it. But you can see the ribbing and the stripe that will carry up the length of each arm. While at first I wasn't sure I was going to like working the stripe, it turned out to be ok. Especially after I decided to detatch myself from the main yarn and make some of these center-pull "butterflies" which hold yards worth of yarn at a time.

LISTENING TO: The Wolfgang Press - "Queer"

This band is an old favorite. They are no longer around, but were a fairly notable part of the British 4AD label's roster for quite a few years. This is by far their best, drawing on the best parts of their obscure back-catalog while showing us the direction in which they were headed. "A Girl Like You" was the first single from this album.