Monday, December 14, 2009

New Knitting Bag!

A week or so ago, Ron and I were at a local discount/salvage store called Ocean State Job Lots (it's similar to Mardens, Ollies and other such stores...). While we were there Ron noticed that they had a knitting bag. Well, not technically a knitting bag, but a "General Tote" that would work really well as a knitting bag. I checked it over and it looked pretty nice, not to mention the price was right at $10. So I snagged it and I'm really glad I did. It has so many pockets, inside and out, that I'm still finding them! I like that I am able to fit everything that I need in it. While it would make a nice take-along crafting bag, I imagine that I'll use it mostly at home, to contain all the yarn, needles, rulers, etc, that are usually floating all over the coffee table. Here's a pic of what it looks like.

I was going to take some pictures of it, but took the lazy route and looked online instead. I found the one above. The actual bag is identical to the one I have, though the box in this picture is labeled as a Quilter's Tote. Now that I have mine, I was thinking it would be nice to get one for my Mom who has gotten involved in sock knitting recently, but has been knitting in general for a long time. However, it seems like they aren't making these bags anymore. Damn. If I get back to the store and they still have any, I'll be sure to get one more.

LISTENING TO:  Elizabeth Fraser - "Moses"

I was very excited to find this single on iTunes a couple of days ago. It has been such a long time since Cocteau Twins called it quits and despite some guest vocals here and there, Liz Fraser has been pretty quiet. Which is a shame as she has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. So it was a real treat to find out she's still making music. Could this mean a solo album could be in the works? I've got my fingers crossed!! Hit the Play button above to take a listen...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The finished Octopus!

Well, the octopus is now complete. It didn't even take all that long. Probably the most laborious part of the whole process was making the eight tentacles, but even those weren't hard, just a bit repetitive by the time you get to the last couple. I love that he has the pipe cleaners in his legs making him pose-able. I think he might actually look kind of limp and sad otherwise!

I have made a lot of different crocheted (and a few knitted) Amigurumi, but never kept one for myself. So this was going to be the one. However, he kind of decided, all on his own, that he wanted to live atop the water tower on Ron's train layout. That way he can wreak havoc on all the unsuspecting citizens there. And that's ok with me. I can go visit him whenever I want.

On a non-knitting note, I have been totally drawn into the web of pop-hooks spun by non other than Lady Gaga. I managed to resist her for about a year now, but finally gave in and let The Fame into my psyche. I must say that it is a catchy disc and her follow-up, The Fame Monster, while a bit darker, is just as good. Now if I could just get the songs out of my head!

Speaking of music, I used to do a "Listening To:" thing at the end of each post, and with my extended break, got out of the habit. That being said, it was fun for me to share what I had going in iTunes or on the iPod at the moment. I often heard from others who had similar taste in music and got a few tips on bands that I ended up really liking. So, I think this may be the time to resurrect that little section. Here goes...

LISTENING TO: MANSUN - "Kleptomania"

Mansun was a great band from the UK. They started out in 1995 and ended up releasing a series of four EPs before their first proper album, "Attack of the Grey Lantern." The single "Wide Open Space" was the first thing I heard from them and I was hooked from that point on. They eventually disbanded in 2003 after 14 EPs and 3 albums. They were in the process of recording their fourth album when they decided to call it quits. Fans petitioned and those recordings were finally released as "Kleptomania." Here's a live video of the song that started it for me...