Saturday, December 16, 2006

Too much going on!

I've been hesitating posting lately as I've fallen into a sorta non-knitting routine. I'm not exactly sure why, it's just happened. It's not that I don't have the desire, I'm just lacking the follow-through. One culprit could be that we've made a couple of new friends recently and have been spending time hanging out with them. And with the holidays there's always less time, plus work has been exhausting. I've just finished working the third of four 8-hour shifts in a row where I'm manning our optical department by myself. The office I work in is just not conducive to one optician taking care of a four-doctor work-load! Ah well, what can you do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Tomorrow should be a fun day. We're going to drive down to Belfast and have breakfast at a cool vegetarian resaurant. We'll check out the shops in downtown Belfast, too, along with heading to Ocean State Job Lots which is similar to a Big Lots, Odd Lots or Ollies. Lots of cheap junk to sift through and hopefully lots of bargains to be found.

A friend has recently introduced me to the Happy Tree Friends. Have any of you seen it? It's shown on the G4 network (which I'd never even heard of!), but thanks to the internet we can all enjoy this super-twisted cartoon. Yes, it's a cartoon, but it's for NOT children or the faint-of-heart in any way! People I've shown it to have either thought it was hilarious or totally sick. Think of the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon on The Simpsons, but more violent and gory. Each episode starts out with one of the cute Happy Tree Friends characters (Giggles, Nutty, Cuddles, etc...) doing something as innocent as attending a magic show, getting a hair cut, or going bowling. But in no time at all, things go horribly, horribly wrong. If your interest is piqued, head over to the website and watch an episode or two. But don't say I didn't warn you! Hehehehee...


Over The Rhine are a wonderful, down-to-earth, super-talented group headed by real-life couple Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler. They live in a big, old farmhouse in Ohio where they recorded this album of original "Christmas" tunes. Though this album is about Christmas, it doesn't always sound like it. Which is why I think I like it so's not preachy about it's holiday-ness! Karin's voice is a revelation and a welcome relief from the traditional schlock out there this time of year. Take a listen to the beautifully melancholy "All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue."

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Christmastime is here...

Well, we've finished all of our Christmas shopping for friends and family, with the exception of one person. What a big relief that is! And as a present for each other, we're going to take a step into the present (or maybe I should say past...) and get cell phones! We've been putting it off for years, complaining everytime we see someone in a restaurant, a movie theater or in their car gabbing away like there's not tomorrow. But I think we just can't deny the sheer convenience of it anymore.

We got our Christmas tree up and it's lit, but undecorated. We are in no rush to decorate it because we both love the simplicity of it as is. But the decorations will no doubt find their way onto the tree eventually! Our house is a gambrel style and has vaulted ceilings over the living/dining area, so we were able to get a fairly tall tree. We weren't, though, able to get one with much width. We managed to find one on our land, out behind the house...after much trudging through the woods and hoping we hadn't crossed onto the neighbor's property!

Ok, well I'm off the do some knitting (gasp!). Yes, for the first time in a couple days I'm going to sit down and knit and hope to show some actual progress. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll actually have something to show by next post!


I first heard Irish-born artist Katell Keineg when I worked at the record store in the local mall back home in PA. We had gotten in a copy of her first album "O Seasons O Castles" for in store play and I was hooked. She has an amazing voice and is one hell of a storyteller. She falls into the folksy singer/songwriter category most easily, but is much more than just that. Get a taste by listening to "Hestia"