Thursday, May 18, 2006

Let's go back in time...

Here I'll show you a couple of the things that I've already completed. The first thing that I made, aside from some practice 'squares' was a pair of socks. Now everyone told me how I should probably try a scarf as my first real project. Looking back on it I can see what they meant. However I was full of enthusiasm and I just plain wanted to try them!

So I got Betsy Lee McCarthy's "Knit Socks!" book from the local library. She goes on the assumtion that you know the basic knit and purl stitches and shows you how to proceed from there. I chose the Starter Stockinette sock and off I went.

Whenever I told anyone that I was going to try making socks, they all had the same thing to say..."turning the heel is so hard." If you are under that impression and want to try making socks, get the above mentioned book. She does an excellent job of explaining it step by step and before you know it you'll have turned your first heel. After all the apprehension and doubt about even being able to do it, when I began to see the heel form, it was like a religious experience with the angelic choir singing in my ears!

So here is a shot of those first pair of socks, with one of them still on the needles.

I enjoyed making that pair so much, which were a present, that I decided to make a pair for myself. Since the first pair went off without a hitch I decided to try something a little spicier. Using the same book I chose the Best Foot Forward pattern. This sock features a Cable Twist Rib Pattern stitch. It's a 7 stitch repeat that is easy enough to do and just involved enough to keep things interesting. The finished sock features alternating vertical rows of K1, P2, a 2 stitch twist, P2. Below is a shot of them. They were made with Wool-Ease which is a wool/acrylic blend. Though this is a machine washable yarn the sharpness of the stitches, and therefore the ribbing/twist pattern, has dulled a bit over time.

I also did end up making some scarves as Christmas presents for our friends Diane and Julie. One was a simple ribbing pattern (I think it was K4 P4, but don't quote me on that.) and the other was a pattern for a Worm Scarf (that I made into more of a snake) from Kris Percival's "Knitting Pretty." The scarves were a big hit which was a very nice feeling for a beginner!

LISTENING TO: LOVE IS ALL - "9 Times That Same Song." A great album that is reminicent of Bow Wow Wow with a little Bjork thrown in.

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