Sunday, May 21, 2006

The infamous "What is it?"

Here are two pics of the sweater sampler I made from "The Sweater Workshop" by Jacqueline Fee. The one on the left is the '"front" and the one of the right is the "back" although I doubt that designation is really all that important.

The sampler was done on circular needles and was my first attempt at using them. Though I had knitted "in the round" when doing socks, those were done on DPNs. The sampler takes you through all kinds of techniques, some of which I'm not sure I'll ever use. But having tried them I'll at least be familiar with how they would look in a finished piece.

Today I worked a bit more on the "bear skin rug" and I'm about halfway though the "body." I thought that making it would be a bit boring (82 stitches, all garter stitch for a finished piece that measures about 5' by 3') but it's actually been pretty fun. Since there is so little attention needed, I find that I can throw in a DVD and work away. Lately I've been doing that with Season 2 of The Kids In The Hall, a very funny show indeed.

LISTENING TO: BETH SORRENTINO - "Nine Songs, One Story" A nice return from the former SUDDENLY, TAMMY! singer. This is only available online at iTunes, at least for the time being. I understand that she's also working on getting S,T!'s long-lost third album "Comet" released. From what I've heard of it, we can only hope she succeeds!