Thursday, June 1, 2006

Making progress...

I wanted to give you an updated shot of the 'bear skin' rug. The body is almost complete. Once I finish knitting the length of it (just a few inches to go!) I have to add the front and back legs and of course the stuffed bear head! As mentioned in a previous post the body is knit using four pieces of yarn held together... three pieces of Fun Fur and one piece of Wool-Ease. Wasn't sure how easy that was going to be to maneuver, but it's gone pretty smoothly. All in all it's been an enjoyable and surprisingly quick moving project.

I have a new knitting book ordered and am very excited about it! It's the "Sensational Knitted Socks" book by Charlene Schurch. It was between this book and one called simply "Socks Socks Socks" by Elaine Rowley. I figure I might eventually end up with both as they have both gotten really good reviews and socks are, at least at this point, my favorite knitting project.

This afternoon my friend Diane stopped in to see us at work. She had the day off to get her car worked on and it took a lot less time than she had originally planned for. So she wanted to see if I could join her for lunch which I did. During lunch she said wouldn't it be cool if I had the afternoon off so we could run around. I said, well that may be a possibility as we weren't overly busy and I have a lot of personal time saved up. So upon returning to work I asked if they would mind if I took off for the rest of the afternoon and got the ok from my co-workers. I'm so glad they were willing to let me take off because Diane and I had the nicest afternoon, not really doing all that much, just spending time chatting and catching up. A very nice day and much needed.

Oh, and a shout out to fellow male knitter, Chris, of the cool Tex Knitter blog for his recent help with the felted clogs! Thanks guy!

LISTENING TO: THE CURE - "Faith" An oldie but a classic. A masterpiece of minor chords and somber moods. The perfect soundtrack for a rainy evening.


Chris said...

It's comming along great! Only one question.... what is the finishted size going to be? I can't tell by the photo how big it is.
Take care,

Chris said...

I meant "finished" and thanks for your kind words.

Ken said...

Hey Chris,
It's supposed to measure 5'8" from head to tail and about 3' wide. It's the biggest knitting project I've undertaken both in time involved and the size of the finished project.