Thursday, June 22, 2006

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Well, the knitting has been a little on the slow side lately. I have the first sock over half's a sneak peek of it in progress. And I got some more work done on the rug while at Ruth-Anne's for our semi-regular, sorta-weekly knitting night. I finished one of the three parts of the head and one of the four legs is done. Actually, laying it out on the floor as is, it's looking like a bear that's been through some sort of industrial accident, but it's taking shape.

Tomorrow I'm headed back home for a visit with the folks, family and friends. I'll be traveling with my dear, long-time friend Diane which should be a lot of fun and will definitely make the long trip go much quicker.

Here's an example of our humor through a recent exchange about the trip. After some finagling, we finally had the trip all set. She was excited because she usually makes the trip home by herself and was happy to have me along as a travelling companion. "Oh good, I'll have a big, strong man along in case something goes wrong," she said. (I replied with "Really? Who are you bringing?") I later told her how I was pleased to discover that, though I get car sick when reading, I can somehow knit in the car without any problems. So when I told her excitedly that I would be able to work on my sock on the ride down she said "Well, there goes the big, strong man theory..."

I'm looking very forward to not only the visit, but the time away from work. Though I enjoy my job and my co-workers are great, I haven't had an actual get-away-from-it-all type vacation for two years. So, it's a much needed break from routine.

LISTENING TO: TARNATION - "Gentle Creatures." Paula Frazer's wonderful voice and songwriting are the heart of Tarnation. The band has now split, but Paula continues to record as a solo artist. If you are a fan of "alterna-country" music, this is probably right up your alley. You may also want to check out Paula's site to see her work as a weaver of beautiful wool fabrics.


Chris said...

Hi Ken,

You ARE comming along fast on that sock! It may be the resolution on the computer, but it looks a bit bluer than I expected judging from the pic of the yarn.

The new pic of you is good too!

Keep knitting,


Ken said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with the progress on the sock. It does show up a bit bluer on the screen than it is in person. It might have something to do with the lighting when I took the pic. Hope you're having a good weekend!