Sunday, October 11, 2009

A great weekend...

Just wrapping up a nice weekend off.

Yesterday Ron and I took the convertible for one last spin and got some leaf-peeping in while we were at it. It was slightly chilly, but overall, very nice. Today was spent on yardwork and getting the roof tapes on the front of the house. Last winter's snow lead to ice which lead to ice dams which lead to water in the house. So we're hoping this will take care of things. And with the potential for snow at the end of the week, we got it done just in time!

Here's another present I made for a co-worker, our beloved Dr. Lyn. I decided to surprise her on her birthday with this little guy.

Has anyone been following the innovative knitting work of Cat Bordhi? I've gotten a few of her books recently and am excited to dive into some of her patterns, especially those from her two most recent sock books. I'd be interested to hear any feedback if you've tried either.


yarmando said...

"New Pathways" is brilliant, but it's a difficult book to use: lots of page-flipping. I've made life easier on myself by creating reference charts of my own.

"Personal Footprints" is fascinating, but I didn't care for it. It's too "seat of the pants" for my taste. The method is fun to explore, but the bottom line for me is that star toes and heels don't fit me and my family very well.

Dave said...

Cute lion! I wish there were more anigurami knitting pattern.

I don't Cat Bordhi. I think some of her techniques are brilliant, but she really needs a good editor because at least her first book is all over the place.

Ken said...

Thanks for the info on Cat's stuff. Since I've already bought the newest two sock books, I'll at least be trying some stuff from them. Maybe it'll resonate with me and maybe not. But I am glad that there is someone out there exploring new ideas! :^)