Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sicky McSickerson

I've been fighting off a cold/flu/sinusy type thing for a couple of days now and I had to give in, stay home and rest. So what better use of my time than to post a new entry!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I'm in the process of making a sweater, which is the first I've ever attempted. It will be for Ron, but I'll have exclusive borrowing rights! I didn't want to make anything too fancy for him, so it's very basic, mostly one color with the exception of a stripe down each sleeve. The pattern is the "Speed Racer" from Debbie Stoller's "Son Of Stitch 'n Bitch."

Here's a shot of the progress I've made so far, which surprisingly has gone much quicker than anticipated...

This shows the front panel about 75-80% done. As soon as I'm done with that, I'll start another identical panel for the back, and lastly, both sleeves. That being said, I suppose I should wrap things up here so I can go get curled up on the couch with my knitting and a good movie!

LISTENING TO: Camera Obscura - "Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi"

Though often labeled as a Belle And Sebastian knock-off, repeated listens reveal that Camera Obscura are very much their own band. From the sweet vocals to the depth and humor of the lyrics, there is so much to like about this band. Give "Eighties Fan" a listen and see for yourself!


Sean said...

Looking good! Will you model it when the sweater is finished?

Alterknit Universe said...

Uh, one of us will model it I'm sure. I guess we'll flip a coin?