Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sicky McSickerson PART 2

Well, here I am, home sick again. Whatever fluish-type-thing that's hit me has knocked me right out. The weird thing is that I definitely felt like I was improving last night and even went out for a bit with Ron. But I woke up this morning feeling worse that I did yesterday. Hmmm. The good thing is that tomorrow is my normal day off for the week, so if I'm still feeling ooky I'll be able to rest and not have to worry about calling in again.

On a totally different topic...

After watching me knit for a while, Ron decided that he'd like to learn too. So a few weeks ago he picked up the knitting needles for the first time and taught himself (from a book) how to cast on and how to do the knit stitch. I was surprised but excited at this development....would I end up with a knitting partner? cool would that be!

To keep the scale of his first project on the small side, he ended up making a garter-stitch scarf for a stuffed bear that we have. I thought that might be the end of his knitting career. But a few days later he cast on again and kept practicing, not really having a projects in mind, but just to practice his knitting. I finally said to him, you should probably learn how to purl, too. So we got him going on that as well.

Then a few days ago, he said that he wanted to learn how to knit in-the-round and asked if I would help him cast on for a sock. I said sure though I was a little apprehensive. On one hand, I wasn't sure if he was ready for socks yet, but since making a pair of socks was the second project that I took on after learning how to knit, how could I say no? So up to this point he has cast on, distributed the stitches and has knit a good inch and a half of the leg of a sock. Pretty impressive for a guy who is usually out tinkering with one of the cars or the 4-wheeler!


Blonde Redhead's sound is similar to a mix of My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth (at their most atmospheric and dreamy). Listening to them makes me go all weak, from the gorgeously off-kilter melodies to the unusual, girly voice of lead singer Kazu Makino. Sample a bit of "Dr. Strangeluv" to see what I mean.


Sean said...

Ooh a sock so soon? How about a nice easy stocking cap? He's a brave one!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty impressed that he could learn how to cast on and knit stitch from a book. I never can just read the directions, I must always be shown.