Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Celebrity In Our Midst!

Congratulations must go out to Michael for the fantastic job he did on his book...what an accomplishment!

Everything, from the well written text to the layout, from the knitting instruction to the illustrations and photos, looks great! I haven't had a chance to actually sit down and read it from cover to cover (yet) but the patterns look super and I know I will be making many of them. But which first? Hmmmm...

On this Halloween night, I thought I might watch a scary movie. Now I don't crave the gore-fests that my friends and I used to live for back in high-school, but I do still like the occassional, well-done, scary movie. And tonight seems perfect for just that. I have a few that I was thinking of popping in, but I think I'll settle on "High Tension."

This is one I haven't seen before and I really don't know much about it. But after hearing some good buzz, and seeing it on sale for a mere 5 bucks, I decided to pick it up.

My only hesitation about watching this by myself relates to the time that my friend Royce was up for a visit over Thanksgiving. Royce is one of the aforementioned friends from high school with whom I used to watch scary movies. So even now when we get together, we easily fall back into that pattern. He brough a bunch of movies with him and we started off with the easy lead-in of Shaun Of The Dead, which, if you've seen it, you know is more comedy than anything. Then we jumped into the new version of Dawn Of The Dead. This was actually pretty scary in parts, especially the opening sequence. Right as this was ending, we hear a loud couple of thumps on the front door. We both looked at each other and froze.

Now we're both sensible adults, but with it being dark out, living in a very rural area and our adreneline pumping from the movies, this all added up to zombies trying to get in! So we made our way over to a window where I could peek out and see two individuals dressed all in black waiting at the door. Yikes! I motioned for Royce to follow me to the door for "back up". I worked up the nerve to answer the door and the indivudual on the right launches into his pre-rehearsed speech on the Kingdom of Heaven. I have to tell you I have never been so happy to see a Jehovah's Witness in my entire life. I politely declined any further information or pamphlets and Royce and I headed back to the living room for a good laugh and our next movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Sonic Youth's sound started to gel on "Bad Moon Rising", their third proper release (not counting the strictly-for-the-rabid-fan-curiosity, "Sonic Death"). The songs are full of dischordantly chiming/grinding guitars and Thurston's pseudo-beat poet lyrics. Kim takes lead vocals on a few tracks as usual, including the apropos "Halloween."


Sean said...

Ooh, you're braver than me! That's one horror movie I can't watch. Too intense.

If you need someone to tuck you in tonight, just let us know...

yarmando said...

Dark out, living in a rural area IN MAINE? I'd never answer the door. I've read too much Stephen King.

I'm lucky. Mike likes horror movies (although he prefers older classic ones instead of the slasher films I liked when I was in high school). We've been holding Friday Horror Movie Night for years.

TrickyTricot said...

Thanks for the post, sweetpea - I'm glad you're enjoying it and hope it encourages other guys out there to up and publish! :)

Confessions of a Knitting Diva said...

That story is hiliarious!! I used to watch scary movies when I was much younger, but now that I live out in the country, I hate scary movies!!

Ruth-Anne said...

Saw that book at the book store the other day and immediately thought of you. Almost bought it for you, but thought i'd wait, good thing huh! haha

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and ask ya when are you gonna finish the rug? I am so excited to see the completed project. Let me know.

Luv and miss ya tons!


Sean said...

So, how was High Tension??

Sean said...

So, how was High Tension??

Maureen said...

You may want to engage the Witnesses in a conversation sometime, when you're not scared out of your wits. They've got answers, straight from the Bible, on a lot of topics that people are curious about.

Ken said...

Hi Maureen, thanks for visiting the site and for the comment. I actually have friends of many different religious backgrounds, including Witnesses. We have had discussions about religion and learned a lot from each other. But in the end, I now that I am quite rooted and comfortable in my own spiritual beliefs.

lisa said...

DH doesn't much like those movies either, so when he does field work in the summer (like, as in Fort Kent as the nearest big place to sleep), I'll sometimes watch them. But lately too tired to do so! Have you seen "motel hell"? I saw it in the early 80's and thought it was hilarious-a creepy/comedy/poke fun at the scary movies movie. I was JUST at the bookstore and didn't see that book (is Augusta behind Bangor?), it looks good...keep us posted? As for the folks in black, one day in Syracuse they were coming down the street (we lived in a pretty tough part of town) and I said to my housemate "quick, Bruce, get all the knives and the vegetables and fruits, let's decorate the woodstove, get the dogs (we lived with 4) and get naked (he just looked at me like I was nuts). But they by-passed our house!

Aaron M Bush said...

Horror movies are my favorite. Our movie collection is about 1000+ titles and 90% are horror! Lemme know when you watch High Tension. I'd love to hear what you think.



Anonymous said...


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