Monday, September 25, 2006

The War Is On!

I got a late start on my Sock Wars socks. But I happen to have today off which works out well. So I have gotten a little over halfway through the first one and have actually started a bit on sock two as well. Below is a pic of sock one in progress. I'm doing this one on two circulars (like the last pair I made) and it's coming along nicely.

When you have a moment, head on over to Mima's site. He has some pictures of the incredibly involved and detailed sweaters he has done. Very beautiful work. He mentioned that I inspired him to try his first pair of socks! In likewise fashion, I hope to start a sweater soon and take some inspiration from him!

Yesterday was a cool and rainy day and I decided it would be a good day for soup of some sort. I found a couple of recipes for Corn Chowder online and picked what looked to be the best two. I then took what I liked from each of them, combined and modified them and made a new recipe which turned out to be a definite keeper. It's even vegan! (I'm not vegan, at least not yet, but I am a strict vegetarian that has considered, and is leaning towards, veganism. So anything that I can make vegan is that much more appealing!). Now I just have to see if I can remember how it all came together so I can type up a copy of the recipe to keep!

Well, back to sock-ing. More later!


This great little band from Utah have been around for over ten years now, mostly and unfortunately slipping under the radar. They have a wonderful frontperson in singer/songwriter Amy Greetham who bears a similarity to The Sundays' Harriet Wheeler. Check out the sublime "I Walked Away" and see what you've been missing!


Matt said...

Good luck in the war and I'd love the recipie when you write it for my Vegan wife! good looking socks!

Sean said...

Looking good! Almost makes me want to try my hand at a pair of socks again. I haven't done a sock in two years.

mima said...

You are too kind.. great socks, keep us posted about the sock war, I am completely fascinated!

Paul said...

The socks are awesome! I've not tried socks on to circulars or the Magic loop method. I'll have to find directions on the 'net.... I'm kinda curious.

yarmando said...

Nice yarn. What is it?

Ruth said...

Socks look great! Keep us posted on how you go with the sock war. I'm cheering for you.