Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More On The Shawl

The work continues on the Triangular Summer Shawl. The time that I've spent working on this has been busy, so the progress has been a little slower than I'd like. But unlike the previous shawl I made, this one starts at the top (shoulder) edge. So I am working on the longest rows first and decreasing my way down to the bottom-most, narrowest portion. I think that this makes progress feel slower, but in a sense I have gotten a good percentage of my total knitting done in this part.

I am just finished with the first of three charts for the main body of the shawl. After the next two charts, all I'll have to do is create a lace edge that will then be sewn (kitchener stitched) onto the lower body of the piece. Hopefully I'll make some good progress tomorrow which I have off all by myself!

The picture above shows where I'm at right now. It's interesting to see the lace in this state because it really doesn't look like much. But I'm excited to see how it looks when all is done and it's been blocked. It should be quite amazing!

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