Saturday, April 19, 2008

Looking for Veda Hille

I am sending out a quick post today which is a pleading request for help finding Veda Hille's first two releases. The first is called "Songs about People and Buildings" and was released on cassette. The second is called "Path Of A Body." Both of these are out of print so I am unable to simply purchase them. If anyone happens to have one or both and is willing to do some kind of trade for a copy of one or both, please let me know! Thanks for any help!!

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Sara said...

Since at least one is not a CD, I'm not sure where you can get these albums. For used small-label CDs in Canada, there is The Beat Goes On (Used CD outlet).

Vancouver is a Veda Hille stronghold. I would recommend that you post on vancouver's craigslist and see if you can bag something that way. Someone may also be able to advise you re the good secondhand indie stores in town. Some of them may do mail order.

I've also had some luck myself posting requests on forums belonging to artists related to the ones that interest me.

Good luck.