Friday, August 4, 2006


My friend Royce is coming in tonight and staying with us through next weekend. I probably won't get much knitting done nor do I think I'll have much time to post during that time. But I did want to give a quick post here so no one thought I went AWOL. And I'll still be checking in from time to time through the week too, so I won't be totally absent. To keep you company, here's a picture of one of our pooches, Parkyr! Hope you all have a great week.

LISTENING TO: THE LONDON SUEDE - "Coming Up" A great record from this British band. Combines the best stylistic elements from their previous two records and melds them into what might just be their best outing. Brett Anderson has a distinctively cool voice, lots of character and a fine falsetto. Plus lots of gender-bending lyrics thrown in for good measure.


Emma said...

What a beautiful dog! Have a good week with your friend.

Matt said...

He is fantastic!

Jason said...

Hey! What's my Tristan doing over there? :-)

Have you thought about keeping doggies' hair from brushing to make yarn? I tested my dog's hair. It seems to work. :-) There's a fancy name for dog hair yarn, but that escapes me for the moment.