Thursday, July 27, 2006

Clog Blog

The first of the clogs is done! Yayyy! I really enjoyed this project. It was challenging enough to keep things interesting and it was very fun to pull the felted end-product out of the sudsy depths of the washer. As it was my first felting project, I was especially excited to see the transformation.

I have two pictures up, before and after felting. I included the remote control for size perspective. The only thing I did differently from the instructions were... 1) I didn't put the clog in a bag, I just let it float loose. And 2) I threw a pair of jeans in to add agitation. I got this idea from some instructions for a felting project by Patons, which is the brand of yarn that I used for the clog. I don't know how different the end result would have been without these changes, but I'll do the same with the second clog to make sure number two looks the same.

LISTENING TO: THROWING MUSES - "Throwing Muses (2003)" The last of the Muses albums and the only one to feature Tanya Donelly since she left the band after the amazing "Real Ramona." Tanya went on to greater fame with Belly but Kristin Hersh kept the Muses records coming, keeping them challenging without ever compomising her vision of the band's unique sound. This last album, it it remains the last one, is a fine goodbye, full of the usual twists and turns, never predictable, yet terribly catchy.


Due to multiple requests (and because I'm a closet exibitionist...isn't that an oxymoron?) I'm posting a PIC of the new piercings (pay no mind to the pale, skinny upper torso!). I took this just a few days after they were done. They seem to be healing really well, no issues there. I'm doing 4-times-a-day cleanings, at least for the first three weeks. Then I'll probably go down to 3-times-a-day for another couple weeks. And honestly, there has been very little discomfort which has been a pleasant surprise. All in all, a good experience...I'm glad I went ahead with it after just thinking about it for years!


Dave Daniels said...

Hey, nice clogs. And even nicer piercings. They did a great job keeping them lined up, good symetry.

Mel said...

Nice clogs. Which Paton's yarn are you using? It looked to me like they were going to almost all synthetics except for the Classic Merino - shame, as they had some nice wool yarns.

Ken said...

Hi Mel, yes it is the Patons Classic Wool Merino. It was the least inexpensive wool yarn I found which was perfect for experimenting with felting. And it turned out great which was a bonus!

TrickyTricot said...

Um, wow... nice piercings... :)

Just be careful throwing your clogs in without a lingerie bag. Little bits of wool will fluff off during the felting process, and if these clog (no pun intended) your filter, you'll have a very broken washing machine - which will be bad.

Ken said...

Cool, thanks for the advice. Take heed felting without protection! That makes sense and it's something that never even crossed my mind. You've made me and my washing machine happy!

Matty said...

Yarn Harlot on march 9, 2004 post had funny story about clogging her washer while felting clogs. great earthy colors on the clogs! are you going to put bottoms on them?

Jason said...

Love that clog. It is magical when you do/see felting for the very first time. It was for me. I checked the washer every five minutes. LOL

Nice piercings. And it looks like you are doing a great job cleaning them. :-)

Sean said...

yay for clogs! that patons wool does felt lovely, i used it for my first felted project as well. i pretty much stick with KPs WOTA for the clogs these days, except for my pair that cost me $$@%@ because I went insane on an insomneic online knitting binge. ;) As for jeans, you can actually do more than 1 pair or throw a couple towels in if you don't have a small load setting on your washer or if your small load setting still leaves a lot of water sloshing around. That works awesome for me, something with the more crap, the more agitation, I can't remember the true logic. ;)

P.S. That CD ROCKS. Pandora's Box is my most favorite. :)

Sean Dilley said...

Hi! I just recently discovered your blog, and I'm really enjoying it.

The clogs turned out great. I bought that pattern not long ago, but I haven't tried them yet. A friend of mine makes them all the time, but the pattern seems kind of tricky to me. I guess I should just start a pair and see how it goes.

Anyway, count me among your loyal readers. I've linked to you from my own blog, too. It's at:

I hope you'll check it out. Again, great job on the clogs!

- Sean